About ART
American Renaissance for the Twenty-first Century


ART (American Renaissance for the Twenty-first Century) is a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit educational foundation dedicated to a rebirth of beauty and life-affirming values in all of the fine arts.

Incorporated in 1992, the foundation has established a consistent track record for championing only the highest quality contemporary art through art exhibits, publications, and performances of music, dance, literature, poetry and drama. ART is unique among arts and aesthetic organizations in that it not only supports beautiful, technically superlative contemporary art but also preserves and advances Western-heritage philosophy based in humanistic values, reason and individualism that originated in ancient Greece, carried forward through the European Renaissance and the Enlightenment, and culminated in the formation of the United States of America.

Therefore, ideational content is as important as external excellence of form in our assessment and decisions as to which contemporary artists we will select and support. Although adhering to the traditional triumvirate of beauty, truth and goodness in art—never severing aesthetics and ethics as did most of the twentieth century—we do not in any regard look back to the past with nostalgia, nor do we attempt any revival of past art or ideas. We attend to the past as a most-worthy paradigm from which to advance beautiful and uplifting art that expresses contemporary sensibilities and context. In this regard, ART is a fully forward-looking foundation that considers itself to be a living legacy of the best of the West.


ART's Mission

  To promote and advance established Western-heritage art forms: representationalism in painting and sculpture; melody and harmony in music; grace in dance; structure, coherence and meaning in drama, poetry and literature—and the expression of beauty in all.

To give grants and awards to deserving artists for the furtherance of their art and to provide public viewing of new and experimental as well as existing, original works of art that use established Western-heritage art forms as their base: exhibitions of the visual arts; concerts, recitals and operalogues in music; readings of literature and poetry; productions of theater and film; presentations of dance.

To provide educational programs, lecture series and special events for the purpose of advancing public knowledge and offering fresh understanding of traditional, humanistic Western-heritage art forms, emphasizing art created by living artists that is informed by contemporary content and sensibilities.

To acquire an expanded space in New York City as a headquarters for exploratory, visionary and portentous expressions of established Western-heritage art forms, where the above activities can be presented on a larger scale. A small New York office already exists, along with a new West Coast Chapter located in Beverly Hills. As time and funding permits, new, interactive regional chapters will be created around the country for rotating art presentations and information exchange. A unique and highly regarded quarterly magazine, ART Ideas was published for six years and is planned to be re-instated and published regularly to keep all concerned up-to-date on ART events throughout the nation, as well as offer thought provoking articles and essays, images of contemporary representational art, artist profiles, short stories, original music and poetry. Until the magazine is re-established, this new, expanded web site, will become the leading communication vehicle for the foundation.